Q: If we only undergone customary marriage without register our marriage at JPN, are we a legal spouse?


A: Except for couples who have married before 01/03/1982, couples who are not registered with the Marriage Registry are not legal couples.

If you are not a legal spouse, you do not have the following legal rights:

(a) if you are not a legal spouse, naturally you do not require a divorce. If you broke up / separated / abandoned by your spouse, you have no rights claim for any matrimonial assets and alimony;

(b) if your spouse died intestate, you have no inheritance rights over his/her estate; and

(c) if your spouse passed on, you cannot initiate any legal proceedings on his/her behalf, such as suing his/her debtors.



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Is Customary Marriage a Legal Marriage? 只摆酒,是合法夫妻吗?